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[Watch] Here’s The Answer To What Happens When You Crack Your Knuckles

Most of us were raised being told that cracking out knuckles leads to arthritis and other things, but is that really the case? A recent video looks to answer that question.

Vox looked into exactly what happens when we crack our knuckles and what causes it. Turns out it’s a release of gas built up in our joints that makes the audible “popping” sound we all know too well. Many people already knew that was the cause, but the question remains – is it bad for you?

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The video explains that Synovial fluid is what surrounds our joints to lubricate them, which is where the gas collects. When we stretch out our joints by “cracking them,” the gas forms a bubble and collapses then pops.

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That “pop” is different from the “pop” we sometimes hear when we stand up since that’s likely caused by tendons being stretched over our bones, then they snap over them, creating the “popping” sound.

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So as far as whether or not cracking our knuckles is bad for us, researchers haven’t been able to say so conclusively. Although, according to the video, there have been studies in the past that suggest that doing so can lead to arthritis.

However, a man by the name of Donald L. Unger, a self-described researcher, conducted a 60-year experiment in which he cracked the knuckles on one hand over the entire period, but not the other. What did he find out? Watch the video and see.

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